CIS vs Mirror Folder

I have this wonderful program that will, in real time, back up any changes to selected folders. With CIS operating I have finally gotten as far as getting the program to install, but it will not run because of a driver that will not load. It has worked for years just fine and as soon as I installed CIS, it would refuse to load at all.
Finally I got the program to load, but I keep getting a driver not loaded message. I’ve been in discussions with the producers of MF and they told me that it was a known issue with Comodo. I really like Comodo, but if I cannot solve this problem I will have to move on.
The reason this is such an issue with me is that I am a photographer and have over 300 gigs of photos. My last computer had a crashed mother board that took out my hard drive and six months of pictures including my trip to Yellowstone Park and The Grand Tetons.

Please help me if you can.