CIS vs Comodo Firewall

Hi, i wonder if CIS vs Comodo free firewall only differs due to the CAV ? Or is there any other security included in the CIS compared to the comodo free firewall (which also has d+ and HIPS) ? Cause currently i use comodo free firewall (with d+ and HIPS) + MSE 2.x and i wonder if i should switch to CIS.


I can definitely say that

CIS = CF + D+ + CAV.

So if you have CF + D+ then you don’t miss any additional protection with the exception of CAV - the only antivirus.

okay so the question then is… CAV vs MSE :S

Actually i think that AV’s bring the least protection these days… HIPS is what rly dedects 0day malware… so I wonder which one uses less ressources but still has a good dedection rate. Aswell as self-defense.

i think cav has better detection and better on system resources. best thing to do is test them for yourself and see what you like

honestly you dont even need an antivirus Comodo firewall is plenty. its all i run and defense + has comodos cloud av

Really both are good, there are devoted users of both.

Why not just run CIS?? If the AV wan’t important, then Comodo wouldn’t include it with their premium package.

Melih has said that the AV is only their for usability but i personally dont see a need for the av when defense + and the firewall can do everything i need even block zero day malware. so i dont see a need in dealing with the av. especially when the database is huge.

In this case CF + D+ is definitely enough.

but the AV gives some additonal feature like removing malware from usb sticks before they even get on the system. It just is a little bit of security. As far as i know you cant remove malware without the AV aswell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s absolutely correct. But now more and more users (their number I guess is still comparatively small) just prefer protection, not detection-removal-etc of known viruses. For example there exists a good program DefenseWall which seems to give complete protection (like CF + D+) without signature based antivirus.

true but i know my system is clean and with jsut defense + it will stay that way. even if i do insert an infected flash drive the virus will be sandboxed or caught by defense + so no worries. and actually yes i can remove malware without av. use active process list to block and terminate the virus and then just delete it.

As an extra layer of protection disable autoruns for all devices.

i also have autoruns disabled on my computer. i forgot about that

How to do that?

are you running windows 7?


Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → AutoPlay
Then uncheck the top box “Use autoplay for all media and devices”

I’ve done that. Strange - never knew that.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

What OS are you on? On Vista/Win 7 it is really simple: go to Control Panel → Auto Play.

For XP you can follow this Microsoft Knowledgebase article.