CIS versus Firewall?

This needs clarification. I’m running the Firewall and have for a while. Happy with it (except for 1000s of files “waiting for review” or similar). No “bad guys” seem to have penetrated my machine.

Now getting update messages, but about Commodo Internet Security (Firewall and AntiVirus) not about Firewall. I ALREADY have an AV program and don’t need nor want another, so I am not interested in CIS. This forum suggests that CIS can be installed without the AV, or without the AV activated. True? False? Geez - I don’t update programs willy nilly if I’m hoping that part of it can be stopped from installing. So I have stopped updating Comodo.

Comodo needs to provide more information on this so we users can make informed decisions, please. And it shouldn’t be buried in this forum, but should be “alongside” the update and/or products information.

As you have presumably never reviewed the files, you may as well select all of them and then click remove.

If you decide to update your Firewall, you could then download the Installer from here:

Having done that you could uninstall your present version and choose exactly what you do want during installation. No need to install the AV if you don’t want it.

Thank you, James!

It helps knowing that there are options during installation.

And FYI, I have sent files to Comodo for Lookup or Submit or both at one time or other. Some were “explained” but many were not. I put Comodo on this computer very early on after building the machine, so many programs were eventually installed, leading to the 1000s of programs, since so many programs use so many files when installed…