CIS version 5 system impact vs version 4

Hi all, My setup here is An old Dell Inspiron 1100 2003 model Laptop with pent4 2.4ghz, 384mb ram, win xp sp2, CIS version 4.1.150349.920, Firefox 3.6.9, with a satellite internet connection, waiting for Dragon version 5. Now my questions are will CIS version 5 impact on system resources more than version 4.1, and will the added protection from the cloud be slow with a satellite connection due to latency? The reason I ask is even though my system is old it works really well with the setup that I have, and I would like to upgrade to version 5 when the final is released but not if it will cause any slowdowns. P.S. I know my system is outdated but it does work really well and hard to part with. Thanks in advance to any replies I get.

Most probably not. Why would it do it?

Well, cloud technology requires uploading the files… but you’re not using ‘unknown’ files that often, are you? :wink:

Thanks very much for a very speedy reply. No I would not be using unknown files very often. I wasn’t real sure how it worked but seeing the cloud is only required for unknown files I can see why impact would be very minimal if any. Thanks again.

They really have to include persistent caching like it’s found in avast!, Kaspersky, MSE 2.0 and most of others these days. Stateful scanning is ok, but the system is grinding badly until the cache is populated.
At least that was the behavior of CIS4 and i don’t like it all that much. Known safe system files should be fully excluded from scans unless modified, so the scan impact would be minimal. Maybe CIS5 already has this but at least it doesn’t feels like it already has it on my netbook…

If i remember correct the satellite internet is not suitable for online gaming because of the latency problem (min ping of 400 >:() but it’s totally OK, for all other types of internet use including cloud uploads of CIS.

Using cloud look up will slow down manual and scheduled scanning.

When it comes to performance it surely got better with accessing archives. I can now open a folder with hundreds of installers and archives without choking.

For me, disk io seems very heavy. I have been observing for a few days now. For instance every time my CIS updates(and a new signature file is available), it generates about 500,000,000 of Disk IO Read bytes. Using Puran Defrag, I just performed a full defrag of my hard drive(195GB of used space), which took over 30min. That only used 200,000,000 disk io read bytes. I have done one with Auslogics portable with also took 200,000,000.

It surprises me the a virus definitive update would use over 2X the amount of disk io as a full defrag. Maybe there is still some room to improve here?

I would stick with your current version if it works well for you. Wait a few weeks until your hear reports from other people about performance, even wait for the next fix in a few months time. I have found that often Comodo final release software is released too prematurely with too many issues.

The av update,the big one, after a clean install is faster.

When I open a folder with hundreds and hundreds of installers and archives it no longer chokes on it. There are definite performance improvements. As well as better compatibility with Windows programs and stronger default protection with the new automatic sandboxing settings.

Wait, what?

Are you telling me that when I want to scan a file or scan my drive, it is going to be slower and waste my bandwidth? I’ve recently been downgraded to a 20GB cap (stupid ISP couldn’t handle the traffic shaping for the “unlimited” plan they had set up) and would prefer to waste as little of it as possible.

Cloud look up is not enabled by default for the manual and scheduled scans.

Having said all of that, my preliminary tests so far on an old Dell laptop, single core running at 1.4 GHz with 2GB RAM installed shows CIS 5 to be running nice and smoothly and quickly. Time will tell.

Whilst captainsticks cpu is much faster he is limited badly on RAM at just 384mb and he must be running an extremely tight system or else wasting a lot of time waiting for disk spooling operations. With the price of RAM today so cheap, but not knowing your personal circumstances, try to do your best and add another 512 mb ram but ideally 1 GB more. I never reached an acceptable level of performance on my machine which runs no games, only office 2003 software until I reached 1 GB. Now i have 2GB which is a bit of overkill but I sometimes have all my office apps open including MS Project, Vision, PDF creation software, etc, and 1GB is easily reached.

Back to CIS 5. Looking good so far, apart from the ■■■■ whitelist, they need to get far more apps on there. I am glad that i followed the excellent initial set up guide by Mouse 1 on his dedicated thread. It was a painful half hour, albeit easy to follow, but after that performance of CIS 5 has been almost interruption free.
Here is the link in case you have not seen it …;msg434203#msg434203

Thanks to everyone for the replies you have giving, and to Cavehomme thanks very much for the test you have done and your advice in your replies. I will look into some extra ram and when the dust settles on CIS5 I think I will give it a try. thanks again and kind regards to all.

i have some non stop cpu usage about 2% in my netbook xp sp3 from cfp.exe is this normal?

I have seen similar report from somebody where cfp.exe would be eating 6 or 8% after having played a certain game.
Is this happening from immediately after Windows and all applications have started up? Or only after certain program(s) have run?

I know your advice was wait a while, but I got over anxious and took the plunge on the 21st sept, installed CIS V5 and have had no regrets everything seems more responsive than ever. Thanks to you and everyone for your comments and advice. Kind regards to you all.