CIS Version 5.0.163652.1142 won't update Automatically

Few days after installing CIS, the action center saying my Comodo AV engine is not up to date… I think CIS updates automatically at startup…what happen…pls help…

If you go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings, make sure the option to Automatically Update Virus Database has a check-mark next to it. This way the AV will check for updates every 30 minutes. Note that this does not mean there will be an updated database every 30 minutes, just that CIS will check for one.

Can you Ping the download servers? Click the Start button, select Run and type cmd and click OK or press Enter. Then at the prompt, type ping You should see something like that shown in the second screenshot. (Labeled Ping)

Another thing you can look at are your update logs. Go to Antivirus → View Antivirus Events. Click on the More button. Then in the left hand column, click on Tasks Launched. This will show all the update attempts if they are happening. Are you seeing regular attempts to update? What is the code display in the Code column? A successful update has a blank Code field, a successful connection to the update servers but no update is available will have a code of 0x00000001. I suspect you’ll be seeing code of 0x80004005. This seems to mean there is some sort of problem at the server end of things. Unfortunately, if you are seeing this code, it appears the only fix is to wait and hope that the server issue doesn’t continue. This isn’t exactly a common problem, but it does happen to many users. The developers have never spoken up on the issue, so we don’t have a lot to go on.

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