CIS Version 3.8.64263.468 conflict with Thinkpad x301

Hi, I was using CIS v3.5.57173.439 in my Thinkpad X301 very well. However, when I downloaded and installed the newest version - 3.8.64263.468, my vista always stopped at the login screen. It seems there is a conflict between CIS and thinkpad’s client security solution cause the fingerprint was always waiting. The consequence is I have to uninstall CIS and turn on the vistat firewall…I cannot find the previous version from

My OS is vista 32bit and Client Security Solution is v8.2.(the newest one).

If you go to this link you can download CIS v3.5.57173.439

Thanks Dennis. I’d like to wait for their solution of the new version regarding this issue…

Your welcome

You are not the only one with issues with this release.

I was annoyed with this issue… I didn’t know what the problem is at the first. However I cannot log in my Vista, so go to safe mode to do the system restore. The second time after I installed the new version I got same issue. I got to know that the exact problem was the new version of CIS. Then go to safe mode to uninstall it…even I want to restore my system to factory setup…But you know it’s really a huge job cause so many softwares installed on my current vista…

Hope I can see comodo’s bugfix for this issue soon.

Hi all,

I saw that comodo has released a new version on Feb 19. Does any try this version on Thinkpad X301 or Thinkpad with security client software?

Oops, still the newest version doesn’t work with my thinkpad X301 with client security solution installed…

I wonder when comodo will fix it…

Can anybody help me?

I downloaded the newest version - v3.9, still the same… Why does comodo still keep this bug?

Try setting CIS to tranning mode and do system restart that should make it learn the behavior of your security.

Hope this helps.

Yep…It works…

Thank you very much.

The same thing occurred to me.
Log in was not able to be done, and OS was reinstalled.
The Comodo must solve this problem early.

ThinkPad X301 VistaBusiness 32b
Comodo Version 3.9.95478.509 Now latest version