CIS ver 3.8.64263.468, D+ Alerts when installing "Safe Applications"

By default, CIS has Microsoft & Adobe in the “My Trusted Software Vendors” - However, Even though you won’t get any Alerts when using these applications, When installing them you will.

And yes, Defense+ does say “This is a Safe Application” But Alerts you anyway. First Screen Shot shows Internet Explorer going to Window Updates, then Defense+ Alerts. Second Screen shot, Setting up an Outlook Account and you get an Alert. 3rd Screen Shot shows Flash Player installing, You get an Alert there too even though Defense+ identifies these applications are safe.

On similar lines to Why popups for safe applications? (Egemen said it will be fixed in this final version), But in my case - Installing Software for Safe applications you do still get Alerted).

Something to also look at in the next CIS release! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Comodo! :comodorocks:


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Just curious what modes you have D+ in at the time.
Proactive and Safe or whatever?

Proactive Security… Safe Mode for D+ & Firewall. It shouldn’t make a difference, Still not needed Alerts for any configuration.


Bah, i feel like i’m talking to a brick wall whenever i report bugs to Comodo. And egeman even assured me it was fixed before 3.8 goes final. It seems they’ve fixed exactly nothing. I’m greatly dissapointed. (:SAD)

You know RejZor, with all the POSITIVE feedback you’ve provided concerning a program built for all intents and purposes from the ground up it’s beyond comprehension that you haven’t understood since the beginning what Comodo is trying so hard to achieve and offer FREE. This will take some time and contrary to your assessment of the current situation these people are human and with purpose, heart and conviction and trust me, they will arrive at the final goal they are striving so hard to reach, my only regret here so far is that you’ll benefit from it. My thoughts of your undying support towards their unrelenting efforts!
Cheers anyhow :Beer
Chill a little, frustration is unhealthy and unnecessary :wink:

And i’m suppose to chill? Lol. Why do you think i made a thread that ended up as a 5+ page behemoth?
Because i like to waste my time? Whatever i ever reported, nothing ever got fixed or implemented.
What a waste…

RejZoR, nothing is a ever a waste of time whether it be yours or anybody elses’ it all depends on what you or somebody else hopes to communicate, understand here that your posts are worthy but sometimes sharp wording on conveying an opinion is often are less constructive in letting people know you care and above all in this forum involved in attempting to contribute in a positive way to further the development of CIS, I like to believe you being computer literate knows that development of this software is a work in progress and only good things will come of it through time, patience and support and constructive criticism of what Comodo is trying to achieve for all of us.
Don’t change man, rather be forgiving and thankful that their efforts thus far are in all our best interests
Xman :Beer

Hope Egemen or a dev sees this… Pop ups for Safe App’s aren’t necessary! :slight_smile:

But :ilovecomodo: