CIS, vendor list and security

I’m totally insecure now. Maybe someone can dispel my doubts. I am not capable of assessing the dangers or whether they even exist.

What about the vendor list. All the vendors there are marked as to be trusted. You can’t delet them nor change to unknown or so. If you change they are remarked as trusted again.

I don’t trust everyone. The Chinese government i.e. (I have seen a report) should insist or even force to have control everywhere.

I don’t trust amazon. Its Alexa shall be able conversations in private rooms to store in sound and text.

is it possible for the dealers in the vendor list to read along in any way, to access the computer or anything like that?

If that won’t be the case I will remove the following posting again:

Please look there: Comodo Forum

If not, I will reinstall the new version. In all these years cis has protected my PC very well, and I hope it will continue to do so.