CIS v8

When is Comodo going to release the beta version of Comodo v8 and positively hope to see the below mentioned very very important and necessary changes and features in Cis v8:

  1. A strong and much much advanced and fully well developed web filtering component unlike the current one in all Comodo products that will block almost each and every malicious and dangerous and phising websites and url’s and links on all popular browsers like google chrome and firefox and internet explorer.

  2. All the bugs and slow start up issues and blue screen errors related to Comodo free firewall on windows 8/8.1 32 bit and 64 bit platform needs to be fully resolved.

  3. The antivirus component in Cis premium free edition and the Comodo Antivirus free edition itself needs to be made much much advanced and well developed and stronger in terms of the antivirus engine be it in terms of detection or complete removal capability of any stubborn and complex threats and malwares and their traces and any remainants.

  4. An antiexploit and antihacker (keylogger and webcam protection) component and module is expected to be seen in Cis v8.

I see your back.

Can you please make it a bit more obvious.

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just for users to know, cis 8 beta is already here. on beta corner of this forum…

users, please login, download cis 8 beta and try it for further feedbacks…

I’m looking for an update too, however its probably not for the same reasons most others are clamoring for it.

I’m just looking to see which developer has decided to allow the main GUI screen to be “re sized”, this one item has been missing since V6 and its annoying on larger screens, I use a 27" Samsung as an external monitor, my laptop is capable of 1920.1080 and it also looks small on the 17" screen.

COMODO Internet Security 8.0.332922.4281 BETA Released!

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have downloaded and installed and tested the latest beta v8 of comodo internet security premium free edition but yet there is no significant improvement in the web filtering component of comodo v8 beta because it blocked only 2 out of 900 malicious url’s and bad webpages when tested using the latest version of fully updated google chrome browser and using malicious url’s and several malware resources from the internet , so it is positively expected that the next beta release of comodo v8 will definitely make lot’s of improvements particularly in the web and url filtering component of comodo

Thank you for making it more obvious.

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