CIS v8 and tests from

I just installed version 8 but I do not understand the lack of response of the program in relation to tests of “
If I analyzed the pack with version 7 of CIS I 51 infections detected with any version 8.
If I run the program, I have no response from HIPS, while version 7 reacted correctly.
Why ???

Are you using the default settings? By default Auto-Sandbox is enabled and will take precedence meaning the files will be sandboxed, HIPS doesn’t monitor sandboxed applications.

If you don’t have auto-sandbox enabled and you have HIPS enabled but don’t get any alerts, could you post a screenshot of your HIPS settings?

I used the same adjustments as with version 7. There is nothing in newspaper events.

and why the analysis with the antivirus sees it nothing ?

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First off you have the setting to NOT show popup alerts and you have it set to automatically allow the actions (Setting is “Ne PAS afficher les alertes popup”)

Secondly, could you give me a screenshot of the Auto-Sandbox window which resides in Defense+ > Sandbox > Auto-Sandbox ?

I changed the adjustment of the HIPS. Very little reaction and the infections settle.

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Try turning off the three last rules in the Auto-Sandbox list (flip the green switch to the right of the rules) then click OK and try again.


I find the same reactions as the version 7 by validating the LPI