CIS v7 should install on Win2003 R2 system

1. What actually happened or you saw:

Pop-up that stated the O/S was not supported by Comodo.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

The installation bar should’ve began increasing across the screen. When the bar went all the way to the right side a message should’ve informed that: “Installation complete! Reboot you system to invoke the world’s most powerful sophisticated and granular control HIPS / Firewall / Anti-virus security suite available in the Free World AND the same security software that Comodo organization uses on all of its servers too.”

3. Why you think it is desirable:

Extremely fine granular control of numerous named resource access control, excellent adjunct to conventional technology pertinent to IT host hardening, e.g., NTFS security, group / roaming profiles, user accounts delineated ACL, logging, etc…

4. Any other information:

If Comodo, Inc. isn’t eating its own cooking, I’d like to know what Comodo, Inc. is eating; cause I wants me some of that

If Comodo, Inc. isn’t utilizing the software it promulgates / proselytizes on its own CIS network topology, it aint worth the effort used to push the electrons used to make this message.

I’m a little bit confused. The website clearly states that CIS only supports Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2/ Windows 8. Thus, it does not support Windows 2003.

At what point in the installation process did you get the popup saying that Windows 2003 was not supported? Perhaps this Wish could be about that.


PM reminder sent.

I’m sorry, but as I am confused about this wish I believe that other users will be as well. Thus, without further discussion I cannot move this to the Waiting Area for voting. I will therefore move this to Rejected.

WxMan1, I have no problem moving this back to the main Wish Request board for continued processing. However, in order to do that I will need for you to answer the questions I raised above so that I can better understand this wish.

Thank you.