[CIS v7]Right click scan problem


I fixed the problem with the keyboard. Turnsout that the so called tool for cleaning cis installation indeed damaged some of my windows kernel drivers, as I found that the keyboard wasent working and the network too. Both where malfunctioning because lack of driver and the windows coudnt install the drivers because some crazy internal erro. I reverted to some backpoint and all fine except the cis 7. I installed, again, the cis 7 and the same problem…

Thats it. Ill back to v5.12 and wait for new version or wait till I have time to format my fucking computer, thanks to you mods. Great advice to use that ■■■■ tools. Thanks again.

You can lock this topic. No devs gives a ■■■■ about this issue with cis 7.

Are you using Windows 7? If so neither one of the tools should have harmed your computer, at least from what I’ve seen.

That said, perhaps there has been a change and now there is a problem. Do you know which of the removal programs you used which may have caused a problem?


If Im using Windows 7? Did You atleast read the topic and my posts?

I used the tool that runs on prompt window, dont remember the name of the tool.

Yes I did. I just wanted to double check as one of the two removal tools has issues with Windows 8 (as noted in the topic).

There are two tools referenced. Did you use both or only one?

windows 7 x64 sp1 updated untouched original iso with legit serial.

i use one tool but as i said i dont remember the name. on the prompt screen there are some options to unninstall cis, remove temp/reg/etc. from comodo, etc.

the problem with keyboard where solved by turning back to an previous working point. the problem that remais is the right click scan with comodo that doesnt works at all.

In that case you used the one which, as long as you only used the two options I recommend, has been used by a lot of users (on all OS) without any issues. Thus, although nothing is impossible, it is very unlikely that it was the removal tool which caused the problems.

My thinking is that perhaps there is something particular to your system which is causing the problem. This could be something as innocuous as a program which interferes with V7 but did not interfere with V6, or perhaps even just remnants from an older program which did not interfere with V6 but now interfere with part of the way V7 works. I really can’t tell you for sure, but from my experience troubleshooting these types of problems that’s my thought.

If it’s not that, in other words something which can easily be fixed, than (as much as you don’t want to hear this) it’s worthy of a bug report. As this is not a widespread problem the only way the devs can solve it for you is if you report it. Without that it’s not possible for them to narrow down the problem (as nobody else has yet reported this who could submit a bug report instead).

Please do consider filing a bug report.

Thank you.

I apretiate your attention to this case.

Well, the v7 is out as final so no need to report anything with rush. Im considering that maybe some creazy and uncomon thing could happened. Maybe some software or windows update could create somekind of behavior that is blocking the right click scan from comodo. In that case I need to try it out so I can report it as a bug. I have a nice knowledge in maintaining infraestructure of software and networking, but Im not God. maybe I missed something… I need to do a clean install of windows 7 on my machine and I will do that, maybe, in the end of march. In that case Ill install cis7 on the fresh os installation and report my results here.

untill there, please let this topic be open so anyone can post to increase the knowledge and post ideas and report something related to this situation.


Sure, we can leave the topic open.

Also, if you can replicate the problem with your keyboard (not that you probably want to try and cause problems) and definitively link it to being caused by the removal tool, please let me know. As far as I know it does not cause problems such as that, but if it does I would really like to be aware so I don’t recommend a tool which potentially causes more problems than it fixes.

Thank you.

Hi Chiron, You can now close this topic.

I was forced to make an clean install of my os. Had to clear the HD so I did a new os install for windows and my linux from scratch project.

After doing the windows update, making some changes and configurations, I installed the cis 7 final, did the db import, make some updates and restart. The right click problem is solved in this new installation. All running fine.

One more thing to increase here: the cpu and ram usages are VERY low…

Thats it.

Later guys…

That’s great to hear. However, I’ll leave this open. If anything comes up you can let us know, and if not then it will naturally fall lower and lower in this section.


hmm ok…