[CIS v7]Right click scan problem

I just found a BIG PROBLEM IN CIS 7 FINAL.

The “right click on some file” and “Scan with COMODO antivirus” doesnt work at all.

When I click on some file and drag it to the CIS gui (the box that says to drag files there to verify) the scan goes fine, but when I right click any file on my computer and click on the scan/check with comodo antivirus, the cis doesnt scan. In fact nothing happens.

Cr#p. Will I need to go back to v5.12 AGAIN?

and before somebody ask, I will not file a bug report. Im not comodo employee and I just dont give a … anymore.

I can’t confirm on Win 8.1 x64. What OS are you on?

Windows 7 Profetional x64 updated, original iso with sp1, untouched, activated with original serial key.

I search for any kind of problem on my os and my softwares and I can afirm that the problem is with cis 7 final.

language ptBR for OS and for CIS 7.

I’m also on Windows 7 x64 and it’s scanning fine here.

so whats your suggestions?

Then have the problem and stop complaining in this forum. What a ■■■■■ you are.

On one hand you whine about the problem, but on the other you don’t want to report a problem that only you have. I have win7 64 version and have no such problem, I have 3 machines, 2 running win7 and 1 win8.1 and none have that problem.

In fact I wanted to come here and post that I’ve been running CIS 7 for a week now and haven’t had one problem, it seems to function perfectly and its very stable for me.

I also really like the new improved interface. I think its a very good upgrade.

hey. shut up bitch. didnt ask you anything.

the problem is here and my machine, as my system, are running with no problem. just rolled back to v5.12 and everything is fine again. what now? the problem is on cis 7 and who cares? comodo devs? no. they dont care. if so, they woudnt release it too soon. so why file a bug report if i know no one will try to figure out the problem? what proves my point is that there are some delays on the cis 7 YET.

ok. so, I did the 3rd installation of CIS 7 FINAL on my machine.

the same problem.

but this time I printed some information that might be needed to figureout the problem.

After installed cis 7, updated the db and make some configs, I did an reg scan with ccleaner and I found this reg key error:

Erros ActiveX/COM CIS.CisDebugInjector - {BBB01528-20FE-4bc2-9D26-C70E3ABB9CD19} HKCR\CIS.CisDebugInjector <<<

Any thoughts mods/devs?

What other security programs do you have installed and which one(s) are running on access?

As always make sure there are no leftovers of security programs you had installed in the past. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .

The last time I formated my computer I installed CIS 5.12 without any other security spoftware installed on the same machine. In this setup I upgraded to v6, v6.3 and rolled back to v5.12. now i upgraded to v7 for the 3rd time and rolled back to v5.12. still im with v7, fopr the 4rd time, but the problem is still here.

before installing any of these so called upgrades, I always do a clean install. always unninstall previousversion of cis, run ccleaner, erase the setup, reboot the computer 2 times, one after unninstalling and other after cleanning.

the problem is in cis 7 because the v5.12 and the v.6 and v6.3 doesnt have this issue, and all on the same machine, the same os, the same setup.

so I can affirme, CIS 7 final is not so final afterall… too sad… time to look for another security software?

Very sorry you are having this problem.

You’ve been very thorough, but we have found from experience that Chiron’s re-install method works best. It may be worth you following it through in detail. It’s here. Avoid running ccleaner while you do this (disable it). Failing that my best guess would be that you have some context menu settings corruption in the registry.

Hope that helps a bit.


Hi Mouse. im at work righ now. I tried the Chiron method but I cant install CIS 7 anymore. Im stuck at the login page as my keyboard doesnt works anymore. I removed the COMODO kernel driver and did all the tricks on the guide. All fine until I rebooted the computer. My HD has 1 partition for windows and other for linux. On linux the keyboard works as always. On the windows side, the keyboard doesnt works anymore. When I come home Ill try to stick an usb keyboard so I can figure out how to fix this problem. Nice way to go with this guide on behaf of breaking someone os, like mine.

are you joking me mouse1? is this some king of joke right?

“Topic: Right click scan a problem on Yro’s machine”

topic title is a joke right?

maybe comodo users are joke for you ?

because what I can see here is that I reported on this topic an problem and one moderator confirmed that he had this same problem with v6.3m, I posted prooves that this is an cis 7 problem and You split the posts and post it on a topic with this tittle?

If You dont give a shit about me as a user just say so. I dont have time to expend with this kind of kid behavior.

Melih, its time for You to say something. This is a problem, in fact A BIG PROBLEM, the issue reported about cis 7 and the behavior of your moderators.

what is this? users are shit for you now Melih?

Hi Yro. I have split this out to a) bring all the posts together so we can help you better b) hopefully draw some advice from others who may be able to help you.

Very sorry again you are having these problems.

Chiron’s guide is very highly tested so I doubt it will have caused your problem.

However, to resolve the login issue you are probably best to try booting into safe mode and doing a system restore to a point where you know you had a stable system.

If there’s a log-in problem even in safe mode you may be able to choose to use the on-screen keyboard in the logon dialog.

If you cannot do either of these things, you may need to attempt a restore using a repair disk.

Please note that a system restore will restore all your system and app settings to a previous point in time.

I realise you are feeling stressed, but people will be able to help you more if you take a gentler approach.

Best wishes


Regarding the scan issue, most people seem not to be experiencing this, so we need to work out what’s different for you, that is what’s causing you machine to behave differently, to know whether it’s a CIS 7 bug or maybe a system problem on your machine.

For a start are you using an Windows explorer substitute? There was a problem in CIS 6.x with right click scans in such programs that appears partially resolved in CIS 7.

Best wishes


I changed the topic title to be more general.

Ok mouse. No need to be stressed right?

Lets move as you say so.

I have no substitute softwares for windows apps. No explorer substitute too.

Even if I try to go onto safe mode the keyboard does not works. When I removed the comodo kernel driver I was prompted to reboot the system. After that the keyboard doesnt work anymore. This accour only on windows, the keyboard works when on cpu bios and when running linux on the secondary partition. I guess its someking of crazy problem about kernel drivers for keyboard. Dont know how but I think that MAYBE when removind the comodo kernel driver the thing removed something else in paralel. Maybe. Im at work right now. As I come home I will try to find an usb keyboard (mine is ps2 plug) and so the windows will have to install the usb keyboard driver, so maybe the issue will be solved. After solving this problem I will continue the guide. the part missing is the new installation of cis 7, as when I rebooted I got the keyboard problem.

After that I will post my results here.

I keep saiyng that its an issue with CIS 7 because the same machine, with the same os and the same softwares installed, works with cis v5.12, with cis v6.0 and with cis v6.3, but not with cis 7 final. I dont know if it works or not with cis 7 rc because I didnt tried that :stuck_out_tongue:

Its 19:44pm here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ill be back at home about 23:00pm. Then I come back here to post my feedbacks. Meanwhile, keep posting some tips and ideas so I can try to figureout the problem. As some mod said previously he had the same issue with cis 6.3. Maybe its something related to the cis new gui or new behaviors. dont know…

I found this topic: “https://forum.avira.com/wbb/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=153642” about avira antivir. The guy is reporting the same issue as I am. hmmm… Ill check if there are some other apps causing the problem on cis. I have notepad++, potplayer, easy 7-zip and I think some 2 more apps on the context menu. I will take a look at it later…