CIS v6 Sandbox folders location and SSD Hard Disk setups

I’m a massive fan of CIS v5, but had v6 on my media PC for ages and it’s a great product.

It does however have a few puzzling limitations since many people use SSDs for boot drives these days and HDD for storage. I chose to install Comodo to a folder on my HDD, as it’s maninly resident after initial boot and will perform a lot of writes due to sandboxing and virus definition updates - but I noticed a few limitations.

  1. The Shared Space folder defaults to “C:\Programdata” on my SSD, and when I move/edit its location to my HDD “D:\Shared Data” as soon as I open the shared space folder using the main GUI shortcut it defaults Shared Space back to C:\Programdata. It’s ok however if you avoid using the main GUI to open shared space so more of a minor annoyance.

  2. VTroot defaults to C:\VTroot as a hidden folder. This stores a large amount of data due to its sandboxing virtual HDD for the browsers etc. There is no option to relocate VTroot to my D:\ HDD partition. I tried using a junction point and a symbolic link, but then Firefox refuses to start saying it’s already running and no files are created in the VTroot folder which the C:/ link points to.

  3. It seems the updates for the virus database reside in the Programdata folder first, before being written to the main Comodo install folder, rather than using the system temp directory. Therefore even though I install Comodo on the HDD and have temp folders on the HDD, there is no way of making virus definition updates write outside the Programdata folder (perhaps Symbolic link will work didn’t try).

Out of the three above, I think having control over the location of VTroot is the main thing for me as the other two are minor issues.

Thanks for all your hard work on CIS as always. :slight_smile:

agree, and i some kiosk virtual web browsing need minor fix:

  • green high-line on windows always stay on first monitor (on dual monitor config if i open virtual dragon on second monitor green windows mark stay on the first monitor)
  • areo peek tabtip preview on taskbar not work.

virtual environment need more options…

Im having the same type of problem, i wanted to start using cis again but the fact that you have no control over VTRoots location really put me off.

Any news on this? I have the same problem, my C:\ drive is a low size SDD and if I am unable to move VTRoot then I run out of space with some apps and also SDD wears out earlier due to writings.

what do you mean any news? i would suggest adding this to the wishlist and with enough popularity comodo will add it

Ok, done. Thanks.

Also added my support to that wishlist thread. :slight_smile:

SSD writes (erosion) are a concern in several topics, but I’m not finding a common thread, so I’ll just enter this here if I may. It seems to be a problem for many areas of the suite, from av/api updates to kiosk, etc. SSD optimization is a legitimate need, but if it would risk injuring the code security or something to reallocate temp folders, etc, we’d all probably be glad to know it’s just not going to happen so we can move on. Most I’ve seen here are as sold on Comodo as I am, so I don’t think people would give up such a great suite. I’ve used and preached Comodo for years.

But some of us do all we can to preserve an SSD, and much CAN be done to make a lot of difference -in nearly every case. I have environment temps and some profiles on ramdrives and a fast SD card. MS indexing is off, and GDesktopSearch allows an Hkey relocation for their index. It wouldn’t be a big surprise to find, though, that an elaborate security suite would need everything exactly in place to function safely. But we haven’t heard that, so we are left noticing megawrites to our C drive, wondering if it could be avoided. I’ve watched the forum for help for some time, but it seems to be ignored for the most part.