CIS V6 and Mozilla issue

I’m running the latest, ver 18 firefox on win8. When I open Firefox it will lag or hang for a minute up to a few minutes. If I disable behavior blocker this issue goes away all together. This started just after I upgraded to CIS v6. Is there a setting or an exception I need to do for this?

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Would you be able to provide any additional details regarding the configuration you have for CIS, as I don’t see any delay when launching fx18 or when opening web pages under Windows 8/CIS6.

Yes sir I sure can. I’ve configured CIS according to Chiron’s guide for max protection/min alerts.

Update: When behavior blocker enabled itself after 15 min, I haven’t noticed any further lock ups or lag.

I just closed Firefox and opened it back up. Before it loaded my startup page, ff froze. I right clicked on the CIS icon, disabled behavior blocker for 15 min and within a minute ff resumed loading my start up page.

I have to complety disable behavior blocker for FF to load or even let me browse the internet. Whats ups with this?

Sorry no one has been back to you about this.

I’ve just been trying to recreate your problem but so far everything seems to be working as it should. Is there any more information you can provide? Any plug-ins/extensions or special configuration in firefox?

No sir, I’m afraid not. I haven’t changed anything in firefox at all. I know that doesn’t help you any. I may just have to deal with it and disable behavior blocker when I first start up firefox. Thank you for your time you have put into trying help me with this. This in no way though changes my opinion of CIS and what great product it is.

There’a a Bug report filed for Firefox and flash player being sandboxed automatically twice.I know they have addressed this bug.
Hopefully you will be good to go next release…

Thank you DrHaze, that is great news! You answered my flash player question as well :-TU.