CIS v6.0 Predesigned Policy Rule Set Question?.

I am a long time user of Comodo going right back to v2.4 and at present still using the final version of 5.12. I always use the settings in mod Chirons set up tutorial over at Gizmos site. Other than that I only have a single rule set which I have used for my Torrent program. Now I have been following the 49 page thread in the main CIS forum since the release of v6.0 and it is getting by far mostly positive reviews and as Chiron has updated his install tutorial I feel ready to install v6.0 myself now.
My question is, knowing that this is a very different GUI to what I am used to is it the same layout for setting a rule set in the Predesigned Policies screen as it was in v5 or is it different?. If not how do I go about setting a Predesigned Policy rule set in v6.0?.

In v6 goto Tasks > Firewall Tasks > Open Advanced Settings > Rulesets. The Predesigned Policies in v5.x is now called Rulesets in v6 ( as far as the Firewall is concerned ).

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot.