CIS V5 (stable version) deletes log files too frequently (bug)

When I run CIS firewall V5, when checking the logs, I will find a notation under Task Manager that the current log has reached file size limit and has been deleted.

This will occur several times a day. Default log size is 20 MB This is the current setting.

I have made changes to the way cfp.exe runs, changes to scanning Avast! Home Edition Free version 5.0.677 by CIS and changed Avast! to not scan the database file within CIS.

These changes were made to make my computer usable while running CIS V5.

Think this may be a bug related to the problems with cfp.exe and Avast!.

Feedback will be appreciated.


Hello! I think you should see about what the problem is in version 5 of the CIS, because when you scan with antivirus and meanwhile watch a movie for example, scanning remains locked at a specific file, be it a few Kb, and the defense +, after you see who is Truested Files. The same block without turning up the list of trusted files. We made a diagnosis of Comodo, but everything seems fine, I reinstalled Comodo, but nothing, just hangs when scanning or when watching a movie, and the defense + hangs when you want to see a list of files confidence! An update that contains bug fixing on the scan and view a list of trusted files. Thank you

I’m sorry, not sure what you are trying to say here.

I think you are saying that Defense + hangs when an antivirus is scanning, (like Avast! real-time scanner) or when a manual scan is initiated, is that right?

I do not experience a freeze like this. What I am saying is that the log files in V4 did not delete several times a day, but do in V5. It is hard to keep track of, say, configuration changes in Comodo when this happens. The point of the log files is historical, so one can go back in time to figure out where a change (either by user or firewall or defense + auto learn) occurred, and possibly change or fix.

Without the current log file, one cannot do this.

Thank you for your reply.