CIS V5 don't support this again?

CIS V4, you can choose check or uncheck “trust the
applications digitally signed by Trusted software

While V5, I didn’t find it! Don’t tell we can never set it again! It’s really unfriendly design if so. Also don’t
tell me, just delete all list of "Trusted software vendors " to solve this problem. ???

Hey and Welcome to the forum!

I am sorry to say this but I really understand what issue you have.

CIS 5 let through the trusted vendors (mostly at least). if you want find the list of the trusted (you will only see files from the installed software on your computer) vendor that then open CIS -->Defense+ -->Trusted files.


Hi there, Defense+ Sandbox settings Automatically trust files from trusted installers untick to disable or tick to enable. Hope this is what you are looking for. Kind regards.

This isn’t the same thing though…

Isn’t it the “Create rules for safe applications” option now?


If you enable Create Rules for Safe Applications, it will follow the old method of creating rules for everything instead of the new method of not creating rules for applications that are on the whitelist.

Hi HeffeD. Is it kind of related to what newday was asking? Sorry to be of track if it is not. Thanks.

Yes, it’s currently the closest thing.

Thanks HeffeD. It is a rather complex program when you dig deep, and its good learn about it from people like yourself. Kind regards.