CIS v5 complet

hi,i need help I can not find the download link CIS v5 Complete. ???

Do you mean complete or CIS v5 free. They are all there check link

I want to install CIS v5 Complete.latest version of the CIS - Complete 2011.My version was 4.1.19277.920.Now want to reinstall but can not find a link to download the new version

The free version is the complete Firewall, defense+, cloud protection, antivirus etc, but it doesn’t have wi-fi data encryption, 24/7 support, guarantee, ID theft protection etc. If you want all this you have to pay for it. Are you sure you mean complete and not free. The link I gave goes straight to Cis Version 5.0.163652.1142 free download which is still a complete security suite, other than that you have to pay first.
Btw Free is now called Premium

we did not understand.I think it is better to download a new installation rather than the old.I have a valid serial for the CIS - a complete.I want to install it again.This is the link that got to the PM A few months.

sorry for bad english

My apologies to you, it is just some call the free version complete. Sorry I assumed wrongly and I’m sorry I can’t help with your question. Hope someone else can help. Good luck and all the best.

No problem.The only thing I can make do in the forum to find a download link

The problem is solved.It’s the same download link for the new version.Uf, I’m stupid.

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