CIS (v4)

I would like CIS version 4 to have a extra tab when the firewall is minimized in the taskbar called simply run a scan, maybe between firewall security level and AV security level as I don’t see why you have to bring up the full GUI just to run a scan it’s crazy.

Which scan should CIS run if you have different scan options set up? I personally don’t see a need for on-the-fly full system scans. Certain areas of my hard drive, maybe.

And there is actually a forum for Version 4 wishes. COMODO Internet Security 4.0.664.127486 BETA - Wishlist

I know I added it there as well, when you click run a scan, the screen after you click run a scan by bringing up the GUI would come up ie full scan or critical area scan then take your choice. So to recap you will have a choice just like you do now by bringing up the GUI of the firewall then pressing run a scan then having the full scan or critical area scan box come up. It is just a way of not having to go into the GUI of the firewall to run a scan.