BOClean, Memory Firewall, & obviously Firewall and Defense+ are already here. New signature format has been already since v3.8, But the version BEFORE v4.0 (which will be released after this v3.9 goes final) will have a new signature format for Family Signatures (See this thread):slight_smile: 30 min updates will come too hopefully…

CIMA Heuristics will work with Behavior Blocker in v4 (Be like CIMA+), With Sandboxing, Time Machine, Brand new GUI, HUGE usability… exciting stuff. :slight_smile:


11. 30 minute singature update

I thought it was meant that it would be 30 minutes from identifying a threat to a signature being created internally at Comodo - not an AV DB update to CIS every 30 mins?

Yes. The aim is that: You send a file to Comodo, you will see it in the Database in 30 mins. Not the other way around. :slight_smile:


Wow! :-TU

Sandboxing = virtual environment for applications like Sandboxie?
Hopefully then also on 64 bit.

Therefore V4 will have Three layer protection function feature:

  1. Prevention -First Layer
    、 Firewall
    、 D+
    、 Real time buffer overflow prevention
    、 Suspicious Behavior Blocker
    、 Sandboxing
  2. Detection – Second Layers
    、 Real time Virus detection + BOClean (Real time Anti malware detection)
    、 Offline Anti-Virus Detection + malware detection
    、 Signature DB update every 30 minutes
    、 Advance Heuristic scan
    、 On Line Suspicious Analysis (CIMA) support
  3. Cure – Third Layer
    Time machine


  1. Friendly GUI improvement in
    、 Summary information
    、 Warning message
    、 Treatcast reference for unknown behavior
    、 Build in white list for D+ for less popup
  2. Thoughtful message in
    、 Anti-Virus
    、 Firewall
    、 D+
  3. Multiple Language GUI Skin

I can say that CIS V4 looks great Awesome ;D

I wish Melih would let a Picture of it be posted but somehow i dont think so.

Here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Isn’t there one in the usability study board? 88)


Yes there is But i meant for all the other users.

Yes but i meant for all the other users that are not in the usability study board