So does anyone know a rough time frame on version 4? ???

I do

Later This Year :slight_smile:


Good answer, Melih :slight_smile:

Or as is being said at the Opera Forums: WIR… when it’s ready… ;D

You might want to rephrase your question in: When will v4 be released ?

hmm… as with any answer here… “it’ll be done when it’s done”

Where’s a smite key when you need one? :slight_smile:

Just a bit of fun :slight_smile:

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I do

I should hope so !!!

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me too :slight_smile:


Hmmm, Smells like Windows 7

If everything goes as smooth as i can, when would CIS V4 then be released in beta?

later this year.

by the year end is what we are hoping for, but this is just a guess (a wild wild guess). The full work is yet to begin on ver 4, some partial work has started.


Gasp that’s forever! 88)

But thank god Melih says its (a wild wild guess) And i have good faith in the dev’s

it would be great if it came out on Christmas day or on my brithday LOL

So what are the goals for V4 ?

i.e. what are the planned changes in comparison to 3.9 ?

A new gui, cima like heuristics, more advanced options, improved usability, and many more improvements under the hood, for better performance, protection and usability…

From my understanding V4 will have the following funtions:

  1. Firewall
  2. AV integrated with smarter scan
  3. BOClean integrated
  4. Memory Overflow Protection integrated
  5. Time machine integrated
  6. New GUI
  7. New Signature DB format
  8. D+
  9. Known Suspicious Behavior Blocker
  10. Usability improvement greatly
  11. 30 minute singature pdate
  12. Advance Heuristic scan added -Cima like heuristics

And plus Very Light resource usage