CIS V4 Video

check out my quick intro to CIS 4

(It will be HD when youtube is done with it)

Most likely Malwarebytes was on the extended whitelist Comodo has (Not in trusted vendors, but is in the white list database).


nice work :slight_smile:


Got some comments already. :slight_smile:


how does it work, as sandboxie and the kaspersky sandbox dont work into 64bit OS.

hi,I cant open the link :’(


Comodo Sandbox is not a hook monster. The Sandbox is a combination of file system/registry virtualization + limited user accounts. You don’t need to hack into the OS too much to achieve this. the functionality of the sandbox is the same for both 32bit and 64bit. Very simple the way it works is that trusted applications run outside the sandbox, and unknown applications run inside the sandbox. It is a default-deny sandbox.


Nice video mate, kept me engaged for a while, then when it finished I thought how I can’t wait for the stable release. What shocked me is how you tested it as a personal test (out of interest) with a few nasties and it caught almost all of them. Loving the way how the popups which are not needed at times have been reduced.

Next it would be nice to see how the sandbox works, and how this Acid cleaning like AV works… :smiley:

+1 to lang and +1 to Comodo for letting him make a video for us all to get excited about. :ilovecomodo:

Thanks. Very cool video. Could you do sandbox in action review as well?

i don’t understand the solution, is it possible to install KAV 2010 into the sandbox ? so KAV will protect what if it’s into the sandbox ? nothing ? any prog can run the same inside or outside of the sandbox ?
i wonder how the sandbox is working really, i dont get it.

KAV’s is on the trusted list… it would not be installed inside the sandbox.

Nice work but I saw the images there on “Antivirus” tab in “Run a Scan” section and the description is still the same, I mean it still has that writing error in the description that sais “This section allows you scan your hard drive…” but the correct way is “This section allows you to scan your hard drive…”. I’ve submitted this error like ages ago and is still not corrected today and I see that neither in v4 but that’s not that important, the most important thing is doing it’s job protecting us I guess.

                                                                                      Be safe !

I like how there were no popups but I noticed that it defaulted to safe mode for D+. I always run in Clean PC and would have liked to have seen how it worked that way. I also noticed that the box for “create rules for known safe applications” was not checked. I would definitely have that box ticked.

Excellent intro to CIS 4 :slight_smile:
When will be alpha release CIS v4?
I want to test it.

Waiting for fianl version review.
Cheers !

Me wants to try toooo!! ;D

Thanks for this first introduction to the upcoming v4. Looking forward to see another one. :-TU

Why? Only reason to create rules I can see is if you switch from Safe Mode/Clean PC Mode to Paranoid Mode and don’t want to get alerts for safe applications that have already run.

Next time no tick tack noise please, very annoying :stuck_out_tongue: I’m kinda suspicious about this though, will it work fine? Can’t you just fake a safe vendor?

I can’t wait!