CIS V4 Question

Hi Folks,
I don’t know if this is the right forum, but I thought I give it a try :slight_smile:

Let’s start from the beginning,

I have two PCs both running Windows 7 64Bit and CIS 3.14, no other AV or Firewall, windows stuff disabled including Defender (using Spybot instead).

I’ve tried several times to use CIS V4 but I still think that there is a problem with the firewall or that I’m doing something wrong.

My firewall is set to “Custom Policy mode” because with that setting I can decide which Software is getting Internet Access and which doesn’t. This works perfectly with CIS 3 but I can’t get it to work with CIS 4.

When I install CIS 4 I set all my rules like I had it in CIS3, I also disable defense+ and Sandbox (I have a Virtual Machine to test stuff so I don’t need the functions, everything else I install on the main machine I want to install and I know where its installed (I have a Software to keep track of that)). So I don’t want that windows gets its Updates automatically so I set that rule (or I delete the global rule which allows that behavior and trough the “Custom policy mode” I block the first attempt).

On CIS 3, working like a charm, on CIS 4 my Windows gets Updated, also when I install a new Software on CIS 3 there is question that the new Software wants to gain Internet Access to check for updates which I can allow or block but on CIS 4 I get a message from the installed software “There is an Update available” the Firewall did not ask anything. I does not matter what Software the behavior is almost always the same (just can’t find a pattern in it ???).

I always update only one PC on CIS 4 so I can compare the rules, and I have exactly the same rules on CIS 3 and CIS 4 but still CIS 4 is just not doing the same as CIS 3.

I have that behavior since the Beta.

What am I doing wrong? ??? :cry:

I just can’t figure it out, maybe it something very simple and I’m overseeing it. :frowning:

At the moment I have CIS 3, my last attempt on CIS 4 was about two weeks ago and I didn’t get it to work properly so I switched back, I just can use a Firewall that I can’t trust…

Thanks in advance for the help…


P.S. The “Block all mode” is working on CIS 3 an CIS 4, so the base functionality is there but not he “Custom Policy mode”

Hi this is going to be very short, because it’s late here. Anyhow I thought the same thing I’ve been going back and forth between V3 & V4. I finally figured that if you change some of the settings a little differently in V4 than you did in V3 it works about the same. First I set it to Proactive Security, then I set the firewall to Custom Policy Mode. I do have Defense + on, because it all works together, I set my Defense + to Paranoid Mode and that seemed to make V4 act like V3. Also I set stealth ports wizard to Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have some spare time this weekend, so I’m going to try it…


Assumimg you are using the default mode then you need to delete the rule for All Applications under Network Security → Application Rules. That will give you back the control you had like with v3.

I guess since some programs are whitelisted that comodo simply allows it to do its thing. Obviously if it is not recognized you will be alerted.

Maybe this might help. Go into firewall behavior settings and check the box that says create rules for safe applications.

Thanks for the Replays, will try that “rule for safe apps”, I didn’t try that, I did however deleted the rule that is allowing all Apps to go out, but it didn’t make a difference, so got to wait till weekend to play again, need the Machine during the week, and V3 is working like a charm.

I was just worried that Comodo is going the same way as Opera, lot of new features but the basics aren’t working any more…

Can’t wait till Weekend, I love t play with Comodo…


Enabling make rule for safe apps is a good suggestion by lostcause which I had forgotten.

On a side note. Opera still works for me…:wink: