CIS V4 Information/Screen Shots and Discussion

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First picture shows the main CIS V4 GUI.

Second picture shows the AV Update window - It now reports how many MB’s have been downloaded.

Third picture shows all Defense+ Settings are now checked by default (so is image execution control).

Fourth picture shows buffer overflow alert.

Fifth picture shows AV Alert - Now AV Alert has option to report FP’s to COMODO.

Sixth picture shows Defense+ Malware heuristic Alert - which is now also on by default.

Seventh picture shows The execution alert “run with elevated privileges”. You will see this alert for unrecognized installers/updaters. Off course if malware is in such applications, you will get a Defense+ Malware heuristic Alert. Alert language will always be the same, period so there is no more confusion. Sandbox is the one that makes up the Alert language in CIS 4. So Sandbox does not only work as a default-deny sandbox but also helps with Alert language for such installers and updaters.

Eighth picture shows look up results of unrecognized programs on the computer that the AV has not detected. This is where cloud technology/computing comes in. Comodo has cloud servers which have the latest AV signatures, and CIS 4 looks them up, etc when unrecognized files are found on the PC.
Anything the Comodo Cloud Servers have as malware (They have the latest signatures not yet downloaded for the AV to detect), These files are also run in the sandbox and denied. So here you see the advantage of not having to wait for the next signature updates because the sandbox denies those files of the cloud server anyway if they were to run.

Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh pictures show Sandbox windows.

There are some other things like now the AV Tab has a window to report FP’s and suspicious files. By the way, Behavior Blocker is not in this version that the moderators have yet. The version we have was to pretty much introduce Sandbox.

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The word is, later this year, possibly early next. But everything has a way of changing :slight_smile:

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any plans for a new record?



If you’re referring to Megadeth’s upcoming album, it’s due for release september 15th :wink:

W.I.R.= When It Is Ready…;D

Please buy it so I can afford the pro version of CIS :wink: !ot!

!ot! lol I’m buying it anyway.

Bear in mind the only difference between CIS free and pro is the live support and trustconnect :wink:

I sure that the new CIS pro 4 come with the new LivePCSupport 2.0 and the TrustConnect 1.0, except that at some moment is released TrustConnect 2.0. ;D

can i do some requests for v.4? :slight_smile:

  1. why don’t you make some clearest alerts? actually is very uncomfortable to read the modified registry keys, the created files or the locations in the popups, because they’re mixed into the explanation text…

  2. Why don’t you insert cmd line in the popups? maybe it would be only an option, to be enabled manually for experienced users

  3. Why don’t you implement a better Log section? for example enable the possibility to create rules directly from the log entries…

Thanks for the attention,

I belive this is what egemen said was comming with v4.

Thanks OmeletGuy :slight_smile:

cmd line is very important to understand malware behaviour…BTW for a better understanding i think point 1 is foundamental…

for now it is very uncomfortable to read reg keys, files, folders location in the popups…all other great hips softwarehouses have it clearer :wink:

Thanks again,

When can we expect a fix for the AV database update issue?

I resumed my PC from hibernation this morning and it was unusable for half an hour while I watched my HDD light stay constantly on, my CPU usage going up and down (cmdagent.exe) and that process using more RAM than usual.

I have an Athlon 64 3700+, 1GB ram and a fast 500GB hard drive. This machine is more than capable for everything else I throw at it.

I have sinced disabled CAV and gone back to AntiVir Free.

I will switch back to CAV once this problem is fixed.

Agent24 could you post your findings in a Help topic for now. This way your problem will get the attention it deserves. When it looks like it may be a bug we can move it to the bug boards.

Just for general info, Dave’s latest album did not live up to my expectations

No Eric, with all due respect, there are already numerous posts about this very issue… Nothing has been done about it, nor is there any indication from the developers that anything will be done about it!

I’m becoming more and more convinced there is nowhere to post an issue like this that will give it the attention it deserves… 88)

when will the beta release

I did, quite a while ago. Here:

OmeletGuy told me it was a design flaw (what I was thinking myself)

He says it will be fixed in v4 but nobody seems to know when that is coming and this problem is a pretty big problem when you have it.

To me it’s the kind of problem that should have been fixed by now, since it is really really annoying.

You guys haven’t even got a beta yet, surely if you have worked out a better way to update the virus database (and I’m sure there is, no other AV I know can waste an hour and a half with massive disk activity after a week of no updates) then you should implement it in 3.5 now!

Thanks for your information when will you release 3.5 cis

I believe that 3.5 already came out… we are currently at 3.12 now

Unless I am reading the numbering wrong

u have a demo track?
also why not put a link to it in the general section…