A compile list of recommended GUI changes for CIS V4:

-Remove the word free in CIS V4
-Remove the arrow buttons in Highlights section
-Proactive Defense in Summary page
-Firewall Common Tasks GUI changes
-Firewall Advanced GUI changes
-Defense+ Advanced GUI changes
-About page GUI changes

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I like much the idea, especially the incorporation of Proactive Defense in the summary page. :wink:


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Agreed! :-TU

Hey guys, please feel free to post your GUI recommendations for CIS V4 here. I will try to create mock GUI based on your recommendations for everyone to see. I do believe that some of you might have a much better GUI recommendations for CIS V4. By the way, thank all of you very much for your reply. I do appreciate that. Hopefully, this topic will bring comodo CIS team attention and took all of the GUI recommendations posted here into consideration.

We need to give credit to JoWa since he created this mock GUI. Besides this, we also need to give credit to users that recommend the incorporation of Proactive Defense in the Summary page. I just remove the word free and the arrow buttons in the Highlights section from the GUI.

I like the summary page! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Even though these are good ideas i think Comodo are doing a complete GUI overhaul for the next version.


That’s great, but with respect Comodo are pretty poor at GUI designs (did you see what they did with System Cleaner) and do need this guidance from users (although after many, many years they still haven’t incorporated basic design features such as remembering window size and placement, columns sizing etc. between sessions).

I agree with all of the suggestions above, especially the Summary page.


There has been a lot of research done by Whoop Dee Doo in the, members only, usability study group.

Whoop Dee Doo has leaked (quite) some ideas that were being discussed. That was about a year ago and before.

But that doesn’t mean (new) ideas are not welcome.

I’d like to see this implemented:

Absolutely and totally agreed!! :-TU

Do you mean this GUI? How does this GUI look?

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Personally, I prefer JoWa Summary page design.

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Is the next version mentioned version 5 or the next beta/RC release of V4?


Version 5 if i am not mistaken

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