CIS V4 Firewall blocks RDP

Up until now I have been using Comodo V3 and have not had a single issue with RDP, in particular, remote connecting into my home PC from a remote PC via the internet. But as soon as I installed Comodo V4 it has now been blocking RDP. If I disable firewall I can connect, but as soon as I activate it, it will not work. It won’t even work in “Training Mode”.
Im running Comodo on Windows 7 x64 and yes, port 3389 is forwarded to the appropriate computer. Nothing comes up in the logs, plus I’ve gone back to V3 so dont even bother asking for screenshots of the logs.
Lets just say I’m pretty sick of V4.

The default rules have been change for the firewall for V4

Global rules you have to run the Stealth Ports Wizard and chose the second option for V3 default rules.

There are also some changes to application rules also.

I believe you have to remove the All applications rule and changed the firewall settings screenshot for V3 application rules.


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Well I did as per your instructions (except remove the All applications rule, as it was never there) and it solved the problem.

But it begs the questions: Why the HELL should I have to do this in the first place? And don’t give me the answer “The default rules have been change for the firewall for V4” nonsense. WHY should it have to change? If it aint broke don’t bloody fix it.

In V3 I would get a simple alert that “svchost” was wanting to connect to a certain IP to allow RDP to work. Your avaerage schmuck isn’t going to know that they have to run some Stealth Ports Wizard to get RDP to work. It didn’t need to be done in V3.

Eric says in this thread: - “With v4 Comodo aims at a broader set of users who are not as knowledgeable and interested as the average regular here at the forums.”

I’m sorry but CIS is failing miserably in this department at the moment, and it’s only getting worse as it becomes more and more bloated as we speak. My frustration with this firewall is at an all time high.

I am sorry you feel this way, I doubt the rules will change as there intention is to reduce the amount of alerts to zero in all parts of CIS.

Can you more clearly describe what you changed in V4 to allow RDP, I can’t get mine to work.

I added RDP to Global Rules (same as V3) but Stealth Ports Wizard doesn’t seem to respond to option 2 (Alert Me to incoming…) - only click and FINISH but doesn’t seem to keep the change.

I can’t seem to get V4 to work with RDP unless I completely dis-able Firewall altogether.

Thanks in advance for your help.