CIS v4 EULA - Use by a charity? [SOLVED]

In the recent months, have converted most home PCs to using Comodo CIS v4 (from using 2 other discrete AV & FW products :wink: ) - and have just bought a new laptop for a treasurer of a local branch of a national charity to use, and am considering what AV/FW protection to install.

I’ve looked around for the Comodo CIS (‘free’) EULA, but can’t seem to easily find it - but simply, I’d like to know if the EULA permits the use of Comodo CIS v4 (Free) on a machine that has been purchased through the charity, and is intended to be used purely for use by the charity (e.g. not by the treasurer in any other capacity - not even necessarily for personal use) - so all “non-commercial” (which is what some “free” products require), but cannot be stated as being “for personal use” (as other EULAs mention…).



Edit: topic closed, let me know if you want to re-open it. (Arkangyal)

CIS has been free for even commercial use since before I joined this forum AFAIK :slight_smile:


Excellent - thanks for the confirmation.