CIS v4.1 Optimization

I have CIS v4.1 and everything is up to date as far as the software version and the AV database.

After installing this however my boot times went down the drain. It went from 1 minute total time to the desktop to 1 minute 46 seconds after the installation of CIS v4.1.

Im not running any other security software in real time. I have MBAM Pro for on demand scan ONLY.

It has Def+ enabled with the sandbox and all other security related options. Any ideas on how to maintain a high level of security while minimizing the overhead of this particular suite?

61 views and not a single person has an idea?

What security program did you have installed when it took 1 minute to boot?

Panda Cloud AV, Look N Stop Pro FW, Hitman Pro on demand and MBAM on demand.

This could just be a consequence of CIS.

I know it loads its module before any other program, so this is probably the reason the boot time is increased.

I guess no CIS. Resources and speed of my PC is more important than Def+.

I assume it will run as fast, or faster, after the computer is started. It just may take a little longer to boot the computer each time.