CIS v3.14 + bases.cav v7717 = Windows - Low On Registry Space

Hi There,

Being one of the member of CIS v3.14 fan club ;D

I had to get the database update manually…the latest manual update was v7717…I know this one was definately not for v3.14…but hey at least I had to try to get an update for my CIS >:-D

after awhile one of my pc gave me this pop-ups message said :

“Windows - Low On Registry Space : The system has reached the maximum size allowed for the system part of the registry. Additional storage requests will be ignored.”

At first, I refused my hunch that this bases update was flaw…but after tinkering for hours with registry & pagefile settings…and still there’s no positive result

I had to trust my hunch…after all that’s the only major changing on my system…Then I put the good ol’ v7586 that had no problem for weeks…voila…the pop-ups were gone…and I’m happy again ;D

My Specs ATM :

  • CIS v.3.14 (FW,D+,AV) w/ bases v7586 on Windows XP64 with 4gb RAM
  • CIS v.3.14 (FW,D+,AV) w/ bases v7717 on Windows 7 with 2gb RAM

PS :
Please keep v3.14 able to update to the latest DB…or perhaps an upcoming v3.15 >:-D

You’re asking for problems here…

The reason updates are no longer supported for v3.14 is because the signature format has changed. I highly doubt that updating your signatures is increasing your security at all because the newer signatures will not be able to be read by the version of CIS that you are running.

I agree with HeffeD.

If you want to stay with V 3.14 then you should uninstall Comodo Antivirus and install another antivirus alongside Comodo Firewall.

First of all…Thanks for the response

That’s ok…I certainly aware what I might ran into…just not about to give up of running CIS on my pc >:-D

After doing the manual update…I tested the CIS to scan some viruses that I collected and CIS shows positive responsed by detecting all of them…so my conclusion was the bases still usable

If its gave me so much hassle…then I would definately uninstall the CIS immediately

Anyway…thanks for the response :a0