CIS v3.14.130099.58 versus 4.0.141842.828 Leak test superiority....

Hi Guys & Girls
Here are my reports for CIS v3.14.130099.58 Leak test superiority over 4.0.141842.828
OS: very important: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
brand new OS installation
CIS 4.0.141842.828—CLT 190/340
CIS settings:
Proactive Sec
Sandbox disabled
cannot accept results 190/340–could not figure out how to better this
CIS 3.14.130099.58 (in XP sp3 compatibility mode)!!! CLT 330/340 (only Coat failed)
CIS settings:
Proactive Sec
what is going on? any feedback?
can anyone make CIS 4.xxxx 340/340 on Win7Ult 64BBit? and how?
THX for creative feedback

try doing what I have in my signature

Try it with the Sandbox disabled. You should get 340/340.

I just recently installed CIS V4…828 on windows xp and my question is, what good is having a sandbox if you need to disable it to pass a leak test? Is it being disabled for the sole purpose of passing the test or is it when it’s enabled your system is more vulnerable to attacks?

Overall it is possible use different ways to run/test CLT

[ol]- Testing automated sandboxing (virtualization disabled) by invoking Clt.exe from the command prompt (or a .bat file).

On most default configurations CIS will trigger a D+ elevation alert when Comodo Leak Tests . is directly launched by the user.

Run with elevated Privileges Alerts usually occur on running an Installer or an application that requires administrative privileges (eg clt.exe)

The elevation alert is enabled (by default) and it is specific of Sandboxing layer and it is meant to be blocked for untrusted applications:
Blocking such alert will prevent clt.exe to run.

Allowing such alert will have clt.exe run outside the sandbox

Such alert type can be also disabled unticking “Automatically detect the installers/updaters and run them outside the Sandbox” (D+ > Sandbox >Sandbox Settings)

Alternatively, running clt.exe through a batch file (or other unrecognized application) will cause it to be automatically sandboxed without triggering the elevation alert (even if related setting is enabled)

[code=sandbox.bat]start clt.exe

The attached ZIP ([url=;topic=56710.0;attach=50280][/url]) contain a sandbox.bat that can be placed in the same folder of clt.exe and used to start the leaktest.

Additional information about CIS sandbox can be found into [url=]Introduction to the Sandbox[/url]

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Your problem is’nt CIS V3.14 versus CIS V4 It’s win/XP versus Win7 64 bit. I have CIS V4 installed on windows XP with same configuration as you satated and get a 320/340(coat failed),same results with or without sandbox.
Ran the same LT on a win7 64bit running CIS V4…828 with the same configuration and LT results were 200/340. again with or without sandbox. .
And just for HA HA’s I installed Online Armor ++ V4.0.0.49 beta on the win7 64bit laptop and ran the LT and the results were 250/340…
MHO is CIS V4 is not ready for the win7 64bit platform

A correction to my last post:
on windows XP with same configuration as you satated and get a 320/340(coat failed),same results with or without sandbox.

It also failed the RootkitInstallation: ChangeDrvPath

configuration , proactive security

sandbox , enabled

FW, safe mode

D, safe mode

uncheck automatically detect installers and run them outside the sandbox

go to IMage execution control and add , executalbes !!!

once you run CLT.exe a pop up from D+ will come out , allow it ,

it will then be sandboxed automatically ,

run the test , you will answer block for 3 Q after that

, eventually , you will get 340/340 as you wished

Hi Guys

As of CIS ver 4.1, in stock (default) configuration you should now get a perfect score with the leak test (Or almost perfect… maybe one thing might fail but that’s about it).

ver 4.1 is due out next week.


Flash forward to August 2010 and 200/340 are the results I have been consistently getting testing Comodo 4.1 on my new Win 7 x64 computer using the Comodo Leak Tests v1.1.0.3…

With Comodo v4.1 in the same configuration on my Vista x32 computer it scored 320/340 every time and v3.14 always scored a perfect 340/340 as did every Comodo series 3 version going back to v3.8 in early 2009.

Why is v4.1 now scoring so miserably on Win 7 x64 when it ran so well on Vista and XP x32?


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After having some very serious and ongoing problems with v4.1 I put v3.14 x64 back on my Win 7 desktop and as always it gets a perfect score on the Comodo Leak Tests…