CIS V12.3+ and Windows 7 support

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one can see that Windows 7 is no longer listed in the “System Requirements - minimum system requirement:” section.

In the section “Key points:” it says “We will also continue to fix critical and blocker issues for CIS on Windows 7.”

Does this mean that all reported bugs on Windows 7 that are being rated as non-critical are not going to be handled and are not going to be fixed anymore?
Does it still make sense to report any issues on Windows 7 then?

You’re talking about a Work in Progress Help page, for a version that hasn’t been released yet. At a ‘guess’. I’d say Comodo will probably follow the lead of the OS maker who are not going to give Software Updates unless a paid Support Contract is in place

It really doesn’t make a lot of sense to try and fix an external software bug in a system when the OS isn’t even being updated

'Does it ‘make any sense to still report them’? The answer probably depends on whether it is a critical or blocker issue

It’s not my intention to rush things, the Help page is still under construction and so is CIS V12.3 or whatever next version that will be.
The statements made in the preliminary Help page may change when it becomes final.

I was just a bit surprised that the change in support for Windows 7 for the next release comes so soon.
I mean, support for Windows XP officially ended on April 8, 2014 but Comodo kept supporting it till July 09, 2019 when CIS v12.0.0.6870 was released.
That’s a 5 years extended CIS support.

Now Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 20, 2020
When I take the same 5 extended support years then Comodo would drop support not before 2025.

Maybe Comodo decides on CIS extended support for Windows 7 differently then they did for Windows XP that I don’t know.

It means whatever feature that they decide to add may not work on Windows 7. They are not going to release CIS builds that only have non-critical bug fixes that only apply to newer OS’s than Windows 7.