CIS v10 grinds to a halt (Win7 x64 platform QuadCore AMD)

I’m having a major issue with logs causing CIS to grind to a halt. This is also an issue in the FileList.

What happens is that the column headings are difficult to resize and somehow the various columns suddenly become enormous, e.g., 25,000 pix ea. or sumpin. :o

Then it takes an hour to scroll right to get to the next column to grab it. And even when the column isn’t that big, its like the column heading has momentum and it slides fast at first but slows down - seemingly due to friction - and the left/right arrow grabber-thingy don’t show up for 10 minutes (when the column heading stops sliding).

I’ve found I can fix that w/ clearing logs, but that’s nuts. Furthermore, what about the FileList?


This is wacked. The logs & filelist are essentially unusable.

Just to be clear: CIS fundamental functionality is unimpeded. Only when I open the logs - or filelist - is there an issue, i.e., it takes for ever for content w/ in the window to display / update. Scrolling is akin to cyanoacrylic adhesive based lubricant - CPU usage going to 50% - and trying to resize the column headings is essentially impossible; as soon as I get the right/left arrow pointer and left-click, ALL of the column headings jump around all over the place and resize to whatever they want to (every time I do that the column gets bigger and bigger and bigger).

Furthermore, the its been discovered that the machine won’t log-off; it hangs at the log-off screen. There are NO messages in Win7 event logs, or in CIS HIPS log illuminating any sort of prollem.

The problem is if you maximize the window and change the width of any of the columns and then restore down, then yes each column expands wide and you would need to maximize the window again to change column width to fit evenly.

Nothing doing there; I deleted the logs and the HIPS log is still completely unusable.

I’m going to have to re-install this stupid thing again and waste another hour or two getting things back into order. >:(

Since I exported the configuration that shouldn’t be all that big of a deal, but I will lose all the accumulated safe files; that list is wacked too.


I’m done with CIS v10; its completely incompatible with Windows 7 64-bit. EVERYTHING is being virtualized, and ALL the logs and filelist listview UI are all jacked out of shape - I never viewed anything in full-screen - again with columns that are 93,000,000 billion trillion quadrillion 100,000 pixels wide again.

Trying to resize the columns is impossible; the pointer vacillates between pointer and double-headed arrow and clicking on the column heading separator causes the column headings to change position and resize and what not.

CIS can’t even recognize its own components.


I suspect that you lost HIPS rules.

Hello WxMan1,

CIS 10 is compatible with Windows 7 so we need to understand your problem in detail. I would appreciate if you could fill in a bug report with the screenshots and necessary files for us to understand and see if we can reproduce. This is extremely strange User Interface issue.We will need to get :

1.CIS config
2.Diagnostigs report (Availability cis.exe or cmdagent.exe dumps)
3.Create video for reproduce (because Its UI issue.)

Thank you very much in advance

Kind Regards

same here.
cant resize the Columns in “view logs”.
when you just point them and they have A will of their own.just resizing without control without a way to reset theme.

Hi Kuki,

This is a known bug as Windstorm stated. Thank you for feedback.
It will be fixed in next release.

Kind Regards,