CIS v10 A/V false positive?

A/V is throwing an alert on a screensaver installation executable that is a component of Baen CD-ROM library CD v22 Mission of Honor disk.

When I upload it to VirusTotal the results are 1/46 flagged as malware; by Comodo with Heur.Suspicious result, i.e., Comodo being the only one.

can you please provide us the hash please?

thank you,

I’ll get that to you. To be clear: the screensaver is NOT installed; the alert gets thrown on the installer; I copied the contents of the CD to the HDD; which is legal; I just can’t sell it.

On one hand there’s the issue that its software provided by a publisher, on the other its not entirely unheard of that malware embedded with OEM software, eh? And on the third hand, only Comodo at Virus total is throwing a flag on this play?