CIS v10.0.1.6223 Win7 x64 hanging at desktop post-boot

Can only boot into safe mode, or into protected mode by disabling CIS in msconfig.

I believe a system critical process got blocked by incompetent user.

How can I get at logs to see what transpired? And even then, how can blocked process be unblocked IF blocked process hangs system.

You can still open the CIS main interface and use the view logs tasks, or you can grab the log file from ProgramData\COMODO\Firewall Pro and copy it to another system that has CIS and click on open log file from within the logs window. Then look at HIPS events and make sure filter by date & time is set to no filtering. As to unblock an application, again if you boot into safe mode you can still make setting changes to CIS, set HIPS to training mode.

Thanx so much.

I wasnt aware the GUI was available in safe mode.

Informs: no can start agent, fix?

Answer Y

Tries & fails

creates zipj

Dunno; I’m SO in now.

I was able to disable HIPS in safe-mode. Now it boots into protected mode with all services & startups tic’d in msconfig.

Been 13 mo.'s since ANY maint done on this platform. I’m finished with triage. The real work begins now.

FWIW: I gots the Win7 system bootable with CIS HIPS enabled. The auto-fix MUST’VE fixed sumpin - despite insisting things couldn’t be fixed - otherwise there’d be no boot. Only thing I can finger is power off after the ‘failed’ fix - in safe-mode - resolved SOMETHING on reboot. 8) First thing I did was update CIS AV defs. Then I download / install all Win7 outstanding critical Win7 updates, CCleaner. Performed maint as req’d to that point and executed Ultimate Defrag

Then I activated HIPS. I discovered ALL HIPS rules were gone. :o

I imported CIS security proactive-paranoid config exported Jun 2017 - from then current CIS - into existing CIS on Win7 x64 laptop platform. Then I did program update. Tidied up some of the rulez and I’m currently at