Hi forum.
I have been testing cis 4 beta on my vm.
Everything about it is great, except in my virtual machine It takes an extremely long time for comodo to boot up.
I have not tested this on my real computer, and don’t know if this is just specific to my vm, but could you please look into it,
Also I don’t like having to preform a full scan after updating the antivirus the first time you install it if it is a clean pc.

Best regards, compgeek

It could be related to the VM, It could be a software conflict. Is the VM new? What OS is running in it?


The vm is brand new, and it is running windows xp pro sp3

No one is forcing you to do a full scan with CIS4, the software itself will encourage you to do one but you don’t have to do a full scan just cus the software says you should do one…

Well, the encourage you’re talking about is more than a hint from CIS, it affects system status, and IMHO that should be changed.

Running XP Pro sp3 here and bootup is very quick (no issues noted) with software shown in sig installed. ;D

Yeah me too, I have the same problem with CIS 4 boot up. This is really odd for comodo though ???