CIS Users: "CIS 10 is a giant P.I.Our.A."

a big sigh

First of all, I love Comodo, I’m a faithfull user, I defend Comodo at Facebook, I recomend Comodo everywere, ect.
But CIS 10 have been a real pain in our … . I have been dealing with all kind of issues triying install and use CIS 10 on my 3 PCs. From bad upgrades from version 8, from bad clean instalation, no GUI, desktop Icons without the labels and now aborted virus scans. I stopped recomending CIS 10 (at least temporary) to all my friends, family, coworkers and clients. To add salt to the injury, I can’t get back to the last CIS 8 version because I can’t find a link to download it anywhere.

I don’t know what to do now…

Here is a link to the last version of 8.4, there is a few different versions. Comodo Internet Security Download Comodo Internet Security for windows -

You can also find old version in this link. Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows -

Thank you bro.

Hi Xpower7,
Sorry for the problems you ran into.
There have been multiple issues so let me address what i could glean from your statement:

bad upgrades from version 8, from bad clean instalation, no GUI, desktop Icons without the labels

In our knowledge above experience can only happen if you are using a version older than v6209 and Windows 10 upgraded to Windows Creators update. So planned release for today, is not going to solve that problem. So we would like to learn more as what was OS build and version and what was CIS version, when you experienced above.

and now aborted virus scans
A diagnostic report from that system will be of great help.

And please also elaborate on any other problems you witnessed.
We are sorry for the situation.


I’m also a big supporter of Comodo, but I’ve learned, from past experience, never to upgrade until at least 6 months after a “Final Release”! I consider v10 to still be in beta testing. Comodo has always done this and I would think they would have learned by now! They had only one official Public Beta before releasing this so-called Final Release. They should have had several Public Betas and also a couple of Release Candidates before pushing this to a full Final Release. Next time, beware of the newest “Final Release” (it’s still a beta), just look at the mess they’re in right now! – End of Rant.

CIS 10 looks done hastily and very sloppy (IMHO).

I totally agree with the above rant. Until recently I was running CFW v8.4 and would still be running it except for the fact that it isn’t compatible with Win10 v1703. I updated CFW to v10.0.1.6209 a day before the Win10 update was due to be forced upon us by that nightmare called Windows Update. The CFW update gave me some problems but is usable. (The Win10 update has failed 4 times and done nothing except waste gigabytes from my download limit!)

I don’t believe that Comodo does enough testing before “Final” releases. It is obvious that v10.0.1.6209 was released prematurely (forced by the imminent Win10 update). Comodo obviously doesn’t realize that it is pointless having the most advanced features available without reliability and usability. Just read through the posts by former CIS users who have uninstalled it because it is was NOT reliable or usable on their systems!