cis use many disk and slow down my daily work

i disable sandbox , viroscoup , hips , web filter
and reduce realtime scan file size to 10mb and script to 1 mb but
open any app have delay and disk useage is near 100 %
compare to avast or 360 total security cis slow down my daily work perfrmnc .
how can i change comodo av seting to earn best performance because comodo firewall didnt reduce my systm speed
360 security has many option for increase perfrmnc but i cant reduce comodo av impact .

try adding program files, program files (x86), and windows folders to exclusions, and make sure real-time scanning is on stateful mode.
those folders are good to exclude for Comodo if you know your computer is clean, because other layers will still catch the malware as usual, it just won’t scan for known threats.
main resource usage is from real time scanning, not the other components.

Uninstall CIS and then install CFW only and use these settings Comodo Firewall 10 Setup - YouTube (you can skip the beginning of the video and move to 4min 40sec).
You’ll get the same protection with much lower system impact.
Then, check if you have Comodo Internet Security Essentials installed and, if so, uninstall it

Agreed. I am using just CF with proactive configurations and it’s consistently lightweight.
CIS is generally lightweight for me as well, but it has a 300mb local database, in which CIS loads signatures from the disk instead of the memory which is why CIS memory usage is low. other products load signatures in memory which result in 100-300 mb usage of memory, but memory is faster than disk. loading signatures from the disk can slow computer considerably in certain circumstances compared to loading signatures in memory, which is why I don’t use CIS and use just CF atm.

but only with CF i have not protection when i am offline .
CF has cloud based av and its sandbox is bad specifically in offline mode .

i think this method may be dangerous .
isn’t it possible that malware , infect my (program file) app ?

if a program is in the sandbox it should not harm your programs.
for the sandbox offline i think that it will sandbox anything that is not in the trusted vendors, it can’t have cloud lookup for safe and dangerous files. if you have sandbox then malware should not be able to do harm, regardless if you have connection to database or not.

if you don’t feel comfortable excluding those folders I have an alternative. go to scans in CIS and do a rating scan and make sure you are connected to the internet. rating scan should build up the list of safe files, so CIS should not scan the programs on your computer again.

If you are offline and you wanna run an app, CFW will check only its built-in trusted vendor list and your custom trusted app list.
So, if you have already whitelisted it, it won’t be sandboxed. If it’s sandboxed, you can add an exception.
It depends on how often you try unknown apps when you are offline

ok tnx i excluding program file and oder drive instead of c

ok tnx