CIS Upgrade set Homepage to Yahoo anyway

CIS just upgraded itself. Even though I UNSELECTED “SET MY HOMEPAGE TO YAHOO”, you …ing did it anyway. This is infuriating. What else did you change? … Music now plays in iTunes? … videos now play in Quicktime? … set to your DNS? … I hope not.

Just like that stupid “Geekbuddy” thing that lets support techs access my machine, that installs itself unless you find the hidden option!! I’m here for security, not to give someone in India access to my machine!

Why don’t you just charge for your Firewall instead of all this ■■■■ trickery?

I’ve wondered this for years. I use CIS for a while, then you pull this ■■■■, uninstalled, try something else, read firewall reviews, back to CIS, then this ■■■■ again! Now I gotta wonder if the firewall reviews are fake.

I dont know why your music go to iTunes and video to QuickTime. But I had this auto update on 3 of my pcs (2 XP, 1 Win7) and when I unchecked the box for yahoo, it did not change that. Maybe you updated iTunes or another program and they could have changed your defaults. The update didnt change my DNS from Google to Comodo either.

No, the search URL that it changed Firefox, IE, and Chrome to was:

Thanks, I see I’m not alone. So possibly there is some second tick box you have to catch? I definitely UNSELECTED the first one! Where is the second one? … hidden in the 20-page EULA we are expected to spend an hour reading?

“Surprise! Whatever you were doing, time for some reading! Yay! And for your convenience we’ll f**k with your settings if you don’t catch the hidden options. Yahoo pays up $1 per browser. Yay. … Ha ha, you missed it, Yahoo for everyone!!!”

Use Iron.

COMODO THIS SUX!!! You have crossed the line. you are now bad guys!

Hi teddlez,
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I am also removing the malware comodo too - there is no “trust” between users and Comodo anymore.

Hi uninstall-C0M0D0,
That is a fairly harsh statement, not to mention incorrect.
That is a generic term, you may speak your own opinion but please do not speak for others.
I am also a Comodo user and while I might not agree with everything they do, I do still trust them.

One other thing, please do not Double Post as this is against the Forum Policy.
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Only “double posting” where other users find the same problem - perhaps I am not alone in finding they can no longer Trust comodo? Would hate to think that Comodo lose just me or as I expect many users without having a clue why… Perhaps I should have kept quiet and let them wonder why they have less users?

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I had my homepage set to Yahoo in Comodo Dragon to. I switched to Chrome and this fixed the problem.