CIS upgrade completely wacked both of my systems

I have been happily running on v5.12 on both my Server 2003 and Win XP SP3 systems. I’ve just received notification from clients that the AV defs no longer are updating. ALL ove them, EVERYBODY!

v5.5 was end of the road installation for my Server 2003 system (as later installers wouldn’t run). But it did do in-line update to v5.12

Now I have both my Server 2003 system with CIS installation that’s horked and my WinXP 32-bit is totally non-functional because the task bar is totally non-responsive. I can’t even shut the system down! System Idle process = 99%

How do I get v5.12 back for both my systems?

Hi WxMan1,
The following topic posted by Chiron has a good removal guide for corrupt installations.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

You can find previous versions in the links below.

Kind regards.

Thanx for the reply.

It appears that the WinXP CIS installation is functional once again (with the pre-upgrade existing configuration). Dunno what the prollem was (updating rules?).

As far as Server 2003, the only functional installer I have is for v5.5. Any subsequent installer would not run on my Win 2003 system. The system however did let me upgrade to v5.12 within the application.

I’m downloading the 5.12.256249 right now and I’ll see how that goes.

The installation does not support the target platform.

So I’m ■■■■■■■ here.

I have to format my drive and reinstall from Ghost image to get a functional CIS v5.12 back. But I’ll have to then recover everything I’ve done over the last three weeks concerning IceDragon installation, configuration, bookmarks imports, etc. et ali. Not overlooking the multitude of Firewall rules that have been updated and painstakingly maintained for both CID but every other application on my system - Defense+ inclusive - all because I’ve not exported my configuration in as many weeks.

Needless to say I’m not a very happy camper at all.

O.k. I managed to get v5.12 reinstalled by utilizing the ol’ DotNetFx35 conflict trick, i.e., opening the installation in WinRAR, extracting the contents to a Fred folder, and then executing:


After rebooting, the AV defs updated automagically to the current version.

I was then able to import my previously exported configuration and activate it. Now I’m going to let everything shake out WRT CID. Then I’ll export the then current configuration and see if a clean installed v5.12 will update to CIS v7. If not, I can always roll it back to v5.12 using the above procedure.

Hi WxMan1,
Remember server platforms were never officially supported by CIS.

Looks like the v7 upgrade may be a no-can-do, albeit the v5.12 base install seems to work well enough. That resolves the issue of requiring clean v5.5 base install w/ subsequent CIS upgrade function to v5.12 (which is no longer available). This is a recent development, because I was doing that well after the release of v6 (v5.12 was the only thing I was offered). Now I am upgraded to an apparently non-functional v7.

That notwithstanding, now I see if v6_3_39949_2976.exe will function on Win 2003.

The bottom line: the whole ugly head of this was raised due to the fact that v5.12 AV updates failed across numerous platforms and OS since late last month or beginning of this month.

Well, v6.3 don’t fly at all; the MSI installer wont run w/ out swearing at me re: platform incompatibilities.

I’m happily back to a clean installed v5.12 and import of previous-to-upgrade-exported 4 year painstaking maintained and manipulated config restored, AV defs database v18148 automagically updated.

FWIW: CIS v5.12 works flawlessly on Server 2003 R2 w/ minimal footprint.