CIS Updates not working

  1. Using an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 in a 32bit OS

  2. Windows XP Pro SP3 32-Bit using admin account

  3. CIS, CMF CBOclean, Threatfire 4, the rest is run on-demand (Avira Antivir, MBAM, SAS, Spybot S&D, A2Free)

  4. CIS version 3.5.53896.424 final will not update the virus database, stuck at 457. Have used both the main GUI and AV GUI to update and the program will still not get the latest database update.

  5. D+ set to Safe Mode, all checkboxes in D+ settings checked, Network Defense to Custom Policy Mode, CAV guard enabled, with all auto updates checked

    This is not an internet connectivity problem since I can post here just fine and connect to other websites without problems. I installed CIS final when it came out. Uninstalled RC2 and did a clean reinstall of CIS final and was able to update to db ver 455 then 457. Have been stuck at db 457 for a couple of days. In order for me to update to the latest 470 db, I needed to uninstall CIS, I then cleaned the registry with Comodo Registry Cleaner, then reinstalled CIS and manually updated to get db 470. Hope the devs can address this.


Apparently your original uninstall didn’t work well. Anyway, see this post for a lot better and easier fix.


 Yup, I saw that post while hunting for a solution.  Oddly enough, that particular registry entry was not present in my registry so I was unable to use that fix.  I have since uninstalled and re-installed CIS.  Will be observing if this particular bug resurfaces again.  Thanks!

EDIT: Ok, I found that particular registry entry this time and edited it accordingly. Strange that even after a fresh install and registry cleaning this value is unchanged.


Are you really sure you are installing the final version of CIS and not one of the betas/RCs?

100% sure.

 Like I said, I uninstalled CIS, did a registry cleaning and reinstalled it.  Only then was I able to update to db 470.  Now, the registry fix earlier, I might have made a mistake in where I was looking but afer the reinstall, the value for the Update path was still "cfp//download//updates//av" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\4\AV\Settings.  I have changed it to the value "av/updates."  Will see if future updates will be problem free.


Read this thread:;msg210951#msg210951 . Make sure that all four subkeys 1 to 4 have the proper information as described.

 Yes, I checked for the subkeys 0-4, only subkey 4 was not updated to the latest "update path."  After changing subkey four, I am now able to update the virus database.  I have already made three manual updates since changing said key.

 As I was going through these subkeys, I was wondering why we need 5 subkeys for the av and the other components.  I then checked the configurations from my context menu of CIS.  There are 5 configurations including the one I imported from my older installations.  I speculate that these 5 configurations equate the subkeys 0-4:

0 = Internet security
1 = Proactive security
2 = Antivirus security
3 = Firewall security
4 = Imported Security settings

Now, if this is the case then it would explain why Subkeys 0 - 3 already had the correct update paths while subkey 4 did not since I imported it from CFP and no matter what uninstall and reinstall procedure I would do, the old update path would still come up since I imported it from older settings. Then again, I might be wrong. What’s important is that the updates work! Thanks to offchu for the fix, and thanks to doktornotor and EricJH for the assistance.



Please read the “How can i migrate from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x ?” for additional information on config changes.
There changed a lot and if you always “export/import” you could lose some new protection files/keys.

 Whoa!  That's a lot to change.  Thanks for the tip!