CIS Updates - LUA's Perspective

Two screenshots from the eyes of a normal ‘User’. One asks him to Update, the other tells him he has an Error.

To me it doesn’t look serious; I just login to the Administrator account and Update CIS. To others it looks as if there is a serious problem with their main Security program…

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Haven’t used XP in a while and never was Limited User. Is it possible to elevate the rights for the cfpupdat.exe using the Properties dialogue box for that file?

Most people never used the ‘User’ accounts. Which is why Microsoft was forced to develop the UAC. Funny thing is, everyone seems to be Disabling it as soon as they install Vista lol. ;D

I could probably elevate it, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the confusion felt by the ‘Users’.

I think something like this would be a better Error Message…

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Or this. This is what COMODO System Cleaner produces…

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