CIS Updates interfere with Home Accountz V3 [M2238]

I updated CIS through the normal updates procedure a couple of weeks ago and since then I have not been able to access my home accounts package (Home Accountz V3). I try to open the package and the splash screen shows for a fraction of a second and nothing happens. Exiting CIS does not stop this. I have stopped CIS & used safe mode and the package opens and runs ok.

I know there were allsorts of issues around the last couple of releases and so I restored my computer to before the auto update. Everything worked, but CIS was stuck on the splash screen with no actions accessable. I have subsequently completely removed CIS using the info from the forum and tried a clean install.

I can no longer access the Home Accountz package, although everything else seems ok. I will restore my PC again as I need the home accounts until I can find an alternative solution, possibly using other security software. Unless someone can tell me how to fix this issue with the updates.

I have been using CIS for years now and was happy with the quality of build and functionality, Unfortunately Comodo seem to have let themselves down over the last month.

You can try to add the application to the exclusions list of detect shellcode injections.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference I am afraid.

Do the CIS HIPS Events and Containment Events give us a clue? Can you post a screenshot of both when you components of Home Account involved?

There is no CIS activity whatsoever and there is nothing showing on any of the logs, so there is nothing to screenshot.

Thank you for checking. It looks like you may have found a bug. Please consider submitting a bug report following these guidelines on how to submit a bug report.

Thanks for your help and advice. I have managed to fix the issue.

futuretech was correct a couple of steps back.

Before submitting a bug report I went through all the testing steps again. When I re-checked the “detect shellcode injections” I added the complete HomeAccountz folder rather than the .exe I had added originally and then re-booted. This time it worked perfectly.

Many thanks

Problem Fixed!

Just downloaded the installer. Can you provide some steps, screenshots to check issue? It’s a bit unclear from your first post.

Thanks Windstorm but the issue is fixed now.

In any case there was nothing to do a screenshot of. I would click on the HomeAccountz icon on my desktop and the HA splashscreen would show for a milli-second and then nothing happened. Nothing on the logs, nothing running in services etc. I think it must have been killed due to a memory/buffer conflict.

Adding the HA folder to the exclusions list of detect shellcode injections fixed the problem.

Thanks for all the all the help offered.

Okay. Can confirm there’s an issue. Thanks for reporting.

// bug 2238

From Comodo: “This app checks for hooks of critical function, and exit directly if hook is detected.”