CIS Updates even though I have auto updates turned off....

Hey everyone,

I have the latest version of CIS version 4.1 and I turned off the auto update because it would eat a huge amount of my CPU.

Later that day I saw in the task manager it was munching up 60 percent of my CPU and after it quit updating I ran update just to make sure it was the same process and it was.



Then I opened CIS and went to “more” then “update” and saw it was still unchecked, so it shouldn’t update on it’s own but it does, can anyone tell me how to I shut this off?

If I can’t get that shut off I’ll have to uninstall it.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Forums, Musicdude.

This could very well be the AV updating. Have you tried disabling Automatically Update from the AV settings?

Hi John,

Thanks for the response.

I checked the av settings and I did have to uncheck the “auto update before scanning” on 2 of the 3 pages with that option (I did already have it unchecked on the 1st of the 3 already), but the problem happens way more often than I do a scan and I only manually scan and have it set for manual scans.

I just manually updated the av and it looks like that process might be cfp.exe which is not the thing that munches my cpu. Maybe that’s not the process for av update but I know the problem one is cfpupdat.exe and that did not kick on when it was downloading the av updates that I just manually did. That process cfpupdat.exe does kick on when I manually update.

I did go to the “more” tab again and then the “settings” and made sure the “update program” was unchecked and also I went to the “update” tab in that same series of tabs and the update was still not enabled.

Any other thing I may be overlooking? I can’t seem to see anything else to turn off.

Thanks again.

My settings are similar, the Update tab shows Disabled, the General tab has ‘check for updates’ disabled.
I am not sure how often it checks for new networks. Have you also disabled this? (also in the General tab)