CIS Updater

Hi. I’m running CIS 3.13.121240.574 on Windows Vista Home Premium. I installed the antivirus and HIPS programs last April, then uninstalled them so I could download and install the newest version in order to use the firewall as well. Tonight a new icon has appeared in my systray. It shows a tooltip that reading ‘COMODO Internet Security - Updater’ and displays a bubble informing me that updates are available and that clicking the bubble would provide more information. I clicked the bubble, but nothing happens. Nothing happens when I right- or left-click on the icon in my systray, either.

What is going on and what should I do about this?

I should add that I’m very happy with Comodo. I’ve had no trouble with malware or intrusions on my system at all with it, and I’m on the Net pretty much nightly. I’m grateful for this wonderful product.

Welcome to the forum lngrid :slight_smile:

It should popup with a screen that says updates are available when you left-click.

You can try a manual check in Miscellaneous / Check for Updates.


Edit Just to warn you it is a Large update about 100mb, they had to change the virus database aswell due to changes to the antivirus part of CIS.
See here

Thank you for the welcome, Dennis2. You’re right. I didn’t see the popup window because it opens BEHIND all the other windows. :-[