CIS Updater GUI issue - half hidden action buttons

b) Include the following information if it’s a GUI bug:

CIS version:  5.12.256249.2599
OS version:  Vista64 HomePremium SP2
What you did:  Invoking CIS Updater dialog
What you actually saw: 
          Action buttons are half hidden under bottom window edge,
          button description practically invisible. User has act by guessing only.
         Not that this happens to more such related dialogs.
What you expected to happen or see: To see the whole buttons.

A screenshot illustrating to GUI problem  - attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Note that I notice this first quite long time ago in older CIS versions…

Does the same behavior happen with version 6.0?

Well, I do not know.
True is SUMO software update monitor pointed me out there is CIS 6 already,
but is does not distinguish well releases/betas/tests versions until user intervention.

CIS updater ( I remember “Start/Check update” button is the first from left. ;D
reported I have the last version.

Note that I use CIS without AV, using Avast AV, if this is the case of not updating.

If not using CIS updater as usual,

Is it safe to perform upgrade to CIS 6 ( FW + HIPS only ) manually, installing over CIS 5 ?
Or should unistall first ?

Will it overtake the setting by this manual installation, or is needed action to protect the settings ?

Edit: I have reviewed one provided guide to instal CIS 6,
but upgrade specific questions are not mentioned there…

Very sorry you are having this problem.

Unfortunately I doubt that this will be fixed now as it relates to the 5.x series, and won’t be seen as critical.

So I will forward to outdated issues if you don’t mind.

Best wishes


Well, you could at least check if it is already fixed for CIS 6.x before marking as obsolete.

Certainly does not happen on my CIS 6.0 installation in Win 7

Sorry, realise it’s frustrating

Best wishes


Well, I am not professional and I may do not understand the testing.

But if did it, I would test it on the reported OS before marking issue as resolved.
As I would suppose one need not to have such issue with CIS 5 on Win7 either…

Unless Vista is OS no longer supported by Comodo CIS.

Sorry as the updater no longer exist on CIS V6 the problem cannot happen.

The updater has been changed totally screenshot.


Edit changed screenshot as previous showed only virus update.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I see, sorry for the post, but previous Mouse response was very misleading.

Note that the issie appears in multiple confirmation CIS dialogs, not just of updater one,
but also for FW and HIPS configuration.

But I suppose it could be specific to my PC only.

My apologies if I confused you