'CIS Updater Application' says 'Updates are available', but there are none?


Yes today is my day of creating topics!

For the first time in my CIS using days, I got a tray icon as well as popup coming from ‘CIS auto updater’ or something alike, telling me an update is available and if I wanted to proceed. Actually there was no update as i use .477 and virdef 1008 which seem the latest…

  • Anyone aware of this?
  • When was this feature added?
  • And: anyone aware is doesn’t function correctly?

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It’s not a feature, its a bug :wink:

It’s been reported many many times, so I can only assume it will be fixed in an upcoming version of CIS.

The only suggestion I can come up with is to try a clean uninstall (using Revo Uninstaller or something similar), followed by a reinstall of v.477.

This is very much a lingering bug :slight_smile:

Thanks Beanie,

well, a shame it is a bug as i like it as a feature (the popup saying ‘update available, wanna proceed?’, but af course only when it actually notifies when there is an update available…


The pop up notification of a new update is a real feature, but it popping up when there isn’t actually an update is a bug.

When the bug is fixed, you will still get a notification when an update is actually available :BNC

Sorry if I confused you.

The popup notification is a bug. I have CIS 3.8.65951.477 only firewall with defense+, clean install, and each time I start my notebook the CIS autoupdate say that a update is avalaible. My solution was to stop the automatic update:
Comodo Firewall - settings - update - uncheck Automativally check for the program updates.

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The bug is that the update notification is popping up when there is no available update.

Just for info, this is in the Bug Report forum. I found a fix for 3.8.64739.471 which also seems to work for the latest version.

See here: