CIS Updater - Active - Icon Displayed - Is it downloading ?

Updater of CIS 3.14 is active and displayed in tray

But…it’s been active all morning

Is it trying to download v4 (I can’t tell if it’s downloading anything)

Or, is it just prompting me to go to the download page?

the updater doesnt dowload v 4.1 if u r using v3.14 by itself, it only tells u to dowload the installer from webpage, double clic on updater symbol and youll see

i updated from 3.14 to 4.1 a few hours ago

Thanks :slight_smile:

i have the same issue but my quastion is :
HOW do i remove this new icon in my tray? i dont want to update and i dont like having usless icons in my tray
if i right click the icon nothing happns
how do i remove it?

mansyno, try disabling the option of automatically check for updates in: settings >> general, and then reboot, that might work

hi there
thanks for the reply.
this does not help
the check for autoupdate is for update to verson 3 which is insitalld
the comodor interent security UPDATER icon that lurks in my tray is for downloading a ne wversion altoghter
i must addmit i find this constant advertisment that got hold of space on my tray very anoying
and consider it an invasion to my privecy and proeperty.
if i got a warning that this is the price i must pay ofr having a free software then i could have decide if i want it ot not
but no one asked me or notified me that this is gonna heppen.
i just downloed and updat to the version i hae and this icon startet to apear.


hi again,
i thank you all for being so helpfull, i take down my complaint.
i dont know how or what i did but after another restart the tray icon has gone.
it all ok now
thanks again

i was happy to soon.
i did restart and it did disappear… only to reappear 3 minutes after restart.
not good
i dont like it
any ideas?