CIS UPdate

Hi guys I was running CIS 7 and got the notice that a program update was ready. I clicked on what’s new. It took me to,and 4337,and 4344. I accepted and it updated. Everything appears to work great. When you select on CIS Help/about it says product version Good. The only problem is when the AV updates every couple of hours it also checks for program updates. It then tells you updates to are available. Will this be addressed later? Should I just let it update Again? I see some others may have had this problem. Thanks for your help.

I guess this is a small problem or everyone is gone for the holidays. ;D

I do not know why this happened, but in my case I would update normally, I believe that will not give any problems. On the contrary, will improve because corrected some bugs. Thank you.

Thanks for your response but just to be sure that I understand ,you’re saying to run the update again even thought I had already updated. Sorry to be repetitive,I just want to be sure. I never know you should run the same update twice . Thanks again.

Due to things being slow this week I went ahead and took the Malware man’s advice and updated again. Worked like a champ so close this baby out. Thanks :wink:

Hey brother, I’m glad to have worked, sorry for the delay Reply, really the end of year it gets very busy. Hug!