CIS update?

From yesterday I have been getting prompts that new CIS update is available. But, no announcement is seen in the forum. Is there really any release?

PS - Forgot to mention 4.1 … 920 is my current version.

what version do you have now?

I have the same version and when I check it tells me that I have the most recent version.

No new updates here.
Do you have the full Internet Security, Firewall only, Antivirus ?

Why do I keep getting this error message with regards to update status?


I went on to update and it retained the same4.1----- .920 version. I suppose this was the old bug of ‘trusted vendors’ returning, as 1-2 days back I had delted some trusted vendors from the list (though I don’t remember the names of those vendors - I justed deleted those which I haven’t heard before.

The updater finished in 2-5 seconds and rebooted and the update notification was gone. I have CIS FW & AV. So, for the time being I think there is no update, but just a probable bug.

Everything’s fine here.

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